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"Phil is an exceptional healthcare talent acquisition professional who is easy to work with and will deliver results quickly. His depth of experience allows him to be creative and resourceful in how he approaches the search assignment. One example is a past opening we had for a Director.

Phil was able to provide a talented professional for the assignment. The person who eventually accepted the role on a full-time basis only wanted to work interim. This allowed us to give the candidate a test drive and allowed the candidate to evaluate us as an employer. The arrangement worked out beautifully and the candidate quickly became a full-time contributing member of the management team.

I would highly recommend Phil to any HR Leader or Talent Acquisition professional dealing with competitive healthcare situations".

Bill Budzinski - VPHR Methodist Hospital

Your Roadmap to Building a Stronger Team

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Share your business goals, strategies, and expectations for a successful hire. 

We'll discuss your hiring needs and timeframes to determine if we're a good fit to work together. 

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Collaborate to build your ideal candidate rubric.

By creating the rubric together, we ensure team agreement and buy-in on your ideal candidate. 

The comprehensive rubric highlights educational requirements, compensation, relationships with healthcare systems, technology proficiency, management style, cultural alignment, and challenges expected in the first 90 days of employment. 

Ideal health talent candidate rubric
network of healthcare recruits for hire

Reach passive candidates with proactive communication

Seven times out of 10 your ideal candidate is NOT CURRENTLY LOOKING for a new job. Typical job postings result in a deluge of unqualified candidate resumes that consume your team's time and resources.  

We utilize our vast network to present you with only the top 1% of fully vetted candidates. 

Interview easily and seamlessly

Our time-block system streamlines communication and interview scheduling with your team and creates a positive candidate experience. It facilitates honest, timely feedback on candidates so you can hire quickly and confidently.

time-block interview process and communication
Hiring your 1st healthcare talent candidate

Secure your 1st choice candidate

By facilitating smooth negotiations, speedy reference checks, and salary surveys, we help you expedite hiring your top candidate. 

No stress 1-Year Candidate Replacement Guarantee.

Celebrate your success

Watch your team thrive and crush goals with your new superstar! 

Celebrate hiring the right candidate

What is a poor hire costing YOU?

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