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Delivering On-Site Cash Acceleration Projects

The healthcare landscape has evolved. Telehealth, pricing transparency, the customer experience has brought many complexities to revenue cycle management and the need to enhance services while reducing costs has made it imperative for providers to maximize revenue received. For hospitals where small variances in cash flow and revenue cycle management can have enormous impact, developing revenue cycle solutions is even more critical.

Health Talent Solutions is your solution to revenue cycle management. Our in-sourced, on-site, and remote cash acceleration projects allow you to enhance revenue and margins by improving strategy, processes and systems controls. Our seasoned and experienced project professionals will identify and solve inefficiencies involving patient-centered billing, collections and receivables management, transaction processing, denials management, cash posting, revenue integrity and reporting & analysis. In short, we speed up your cash flow and improve your bottom line.

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How Health Talent Solutions Solves Your
Revenue Cycle Management Challenges

We specialize in delivering tailor fit projects. We can be on-site within 72 hours, our interim managers work exclusively with hospitals, giving you the expertise and knowledge of a consultancy or outsourced provider, but with the accountability and cost-effectiveness that only an insourced solution can provide. By improving strategy, processes and systems controls, our revenue cycle solutions enable:

Identified Reimbursement Variances

Reduced accounts receivable days

Reduced Denials

Reduced Write-offs

Enhanced Compliance

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Few hospital CFOs have the opportunity to work with revenue cycle professionals as helpful and knowledgeable as Health Talent Solutions – they are experienced at analyzing situations and suggesting effective solutions. On short notice, they were able to deploy interim talent with extensive experience with both our systems and our payers with an immediate positive impact on our cash collections.

—Joseph Demont MS, MBA, CPA, FACHE, FHFMA (CFO client)

Project Management Solutions

We Deliver On-Site and Blended Projects to Accelerate Your Cash Flow

Whether it’s staffing a full end-to-end RCM project or providing onsite pinch-hitters, we deliver cost-effective staffing solutions to accelerate your cash flow. Benefits include:

Engagement and retention of talent in healthcare

Filled skills gaps when talent unavailable locally

New insights and knowledge-transfer

Revenue cycle management interim roles we place:

  • Director, Patient Financial Services
  • Revenue Cycle Consultant
  • Denials Management Specialist
  • Onsite Revenue Cycle Trainer
  • Cash Posting Specialist
  • Controller
  • Certified Coder
  • Patient Access Representative

  • Medical Biller & Collector
  • Credit Balance Adjudication Specialist
  • H.I.M. Specialist
  • Third Party Follow-Up Specialist
  • Medicare Follow-Up Specialist
  • Managed Care Follow-Up Specialist
  • Medicaid Follow-Up Specialist

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